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Music is a stimulus for different challenges. The race is no exception! So we leave you with 10 songs that will help you reach your goal even faster! The final countdown (Europe) Gonna fly now (música do Rocky) Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd) Highway to hell (AC/DC) I ran (Flock of Seagulls) Don’t […]
The answer is yes! In a study carried out by Runrepeat, during the 2020 lockdown, sport practice has grown and a lot! According to almost 13.000 participants, sport practice and, above all, its frequency grew significantly during periods of confinement, with the biggest growth from those who practiced less sport. Dividing participants by the number […]
2020 A year of World Records The pandemic forced the postponement of the vast majority of road events in 2020, but it did not prevent that in the events that took place, partly in specific formats such as limited number of participants or even only elite athletes participants, several world records were achieved, in various […]
2021 Races Calendar The Maratona Clube de Portugal has already scheduled its 2021 races calendar. In view of the pandemic situation, the MCP rescheduled its events and presents the complete calendar for this year. The club believes in a positive pandemic evolution and is prepared for the implementation of all preventive measures defined by the […]