March 2020

One of the fastest Half Marathon in the world!


The EDP Lisbon Half Marathon is the most popular running event in Portugal, gathering every year, over 35.000 runners from all over the world.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon is proud to be the first race of the new international running series, the Super Halfs. Joining five top international Half Marathons, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Prague and Valencia, the Super Halfs wishes to offer to all participants the best experiences combining top quality organizations, unique courses at historical cities. Check here all information about Super Halfs – Half Marathons Series.

With a course along the river shore and a starting at the 25 de Abril bridge, EDP Lisbon Half Marathon joins participants from all ages, social status and running experience, becoming a major popular event.

Course Record


Time Limit

3,5 horas

Registrations Limit






19th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Opening of Sport Expo: CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisboa – Sports and Leisure Fair where the athletes can collect their kitbag (bib number and the official t-shirt).


20th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Kitbag (bib number and official t-shirt) delivery at Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair.


21st of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Kitbag (bib number and official t-shirt) delivery at Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair.


22nd of March 2020


Start of the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon


The starting line is located at the Ponte 25 de Abril running towards Lisbon City. The race continues along the river shore passing by Alcantara, Cais de Sodré, Algés and Dafundo, finishing at Mosteiros dos Jerónimos near Belém.


Ponte 25 de Abril


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Belém



5 km
7,5 km
10 km
13,5 km
16 km


7,5 km
13,5 km
16 km


18,5 km



Time Limit

3,5 horas



Participation Kitbag

The delivery of the participation kitbags (bib number and official t-shirts) will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on the 19th, 20th and 21th of March from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM – CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon.

The athletes must present their registration document (sent by email) and a personal ID document to collect their kitbags.

The athletes can nominate someone to collect their BIB. The nominee needs to present the registration document and a copy of a personal ID document from the registered runner.

The “Participation Kit” will include:

One Technical T-Shirt


One BIB with chip


One bag




Kitbags Delivery

SportExpo: CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon.

Days 19th20th and 21th March

Delivery 10:00h – 20:00h

How to get to the starting line

The access to the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon and Lisbon Vodafone 10K starting line is limited to the Fertagus Pragal train station. To get to the starting line all participants must use the Fertagus train to arrive to the Pragal station.

To get the Fertagus train stations, the athletes can use for free (by presenting their BIB) the Lisbon public transportation system (subway, buses and trains).

Estação do Pragal



1. Organized by Maratona Clube de Portugal, “EDP Lisbon Half Marathon” is a pedestrian event destined to all individuals born in or before 1997 and will be held on March the 22nd of 2020 with start at 10:20 am;

2. The Start of the Half Marathon is on the tolls’ square of the Bridge 25 de Abril;

2.1 There will be a Start in Algés, but only for elite athletes and others who have the minimum time required by the organization – under 1h05m, performed in the last 3 years: in the Lisbon Half Marathon, in the Portugal Half Marathon or in any other significant Marathon. In the women’s competition, the minimum time required is 1h20m, under the same conditions as the male ranking.

a) All athletes not included in the previous paragraph, but with under 1h10m in the Half Marathon (performed in the last three years in the Lisbon Half Marathon or the Portugal Half Marathon) may request a VIP dorsal to start at the front, in the Tolls’ Square of the Bridge 25 de Abril. The request must be made in writing and in advance;

b) Unless they meet the conditions required by the organization to start along with the elite, in Algés, the athletes of categories W/M35, W/M40, W/M45, W/M50, W/M55 and W/M60 will have to start off in the Tolls’ Square of the Bridge 25 de Abril. In this case, they may choose one of the Starts, but to depart in Algés (while picking up the race number) they will have to mandatorily sign-up in the Adult category.

2.2 The VIP race numbers for the VIP Start (front of the pack) in the Bridge 25 de Abril are only assigned to athletes with under 1h10m in case of male athletes and under 1h20m in case of female athletes (as explained above). The organization reserves the right to assign VIP bib numbers to athletes/personalities invited by the organization.

2.3 Special VIP

There will be registrations limited for “special VIP” race numbers. The registration fee for Special VIP BIBS is EUR 150.00.

Holders of this type of “special VIP” dorsal are entitled to:

  • Transport from the event’s official hotel to the Start;
  • Direct access to the race front;
  • An area for collecting equipment;
  • Entry to the VIP area and have breakfast at the end of the race.


3. The various contests’ starting hours will the following:

a) The Womens’ Elite will start in Algés at 10.15 am;
b) The popular athletes starting from the Tolls’ Square of the Bridge 25 de Abril and the Men’s Elite (that start from Algés) will departure at 10.30 am.

3.2 After the Start, the HALF MARATHON athletes will meet at km 5 (Alcântara) and will all follow the same course from there on, while the finish line is once more in front of the Jerónimos Monastery.

4. All athletes registered in the Half Marathon are entitled to a technical T-shirt and gifts when picking up the BIB.

5. The assessment of the course was made by the AIMS Delegate and according to the IAAF international regulations;

1. The categories are defined by the FPA regulations, as follows:

W/M35 = 35 to 39 years (on race day);

W/M40 = 40 to 44 years (on race day);

W/M45 = 45 to 49 years (on race day);

W/M50 = 50 to 54 years (on race day);

W/M55 = 55 to 59 years (on race day);

Nota: A idade considerada é a idade do atleta no dia da prova.

2. All athletes registered at the half marathon must pick up a chip corresponding to its BIB number to determine the final times.


There will be a special service of official supplies (water, sports drinks, fruits) from km 5 (2.5 km by 2.5 km) and at the Finish Line.


There will be checkpoint areas for the runners, being disqualified any athlete who:

– Isn’t properly registered;
– Does not wear the assigned race number
– Does not complete the full course

Security/Medical Assistance

10. Participants must meet the necessary health conditions to the sports practice. Upon registering, they assume being physically and psychologically prepared for the physical effort inherent to the event they are participating.

10.1. It is recommended that the athletes fill in the name, contact (in case of emergency) and any medical details they consider appropriate on the back of the dorsal. This information may be of the utmost importance in case a health problem arises during the course.

2. Under the guidance of a renowned team of experts, the organization arranged a special medical service but is not responsible for any accident that may occur during the event;

3. Under articles 15 and 18 of Decree-Law 10/2009, all participating athletes are covered by a personal accident insurance with a capital for death or permanent disability of EUR 28.000.00 and treatment costs up to EUR 4.000.00.

1. The time control system is managed by the chip attached with the BIB;

1. There will be 6 checks for the male group and 6 for women. These athletes are required to attend the anti-doping control in accordance with the rules of the IAAF.

1. The main prize money is for the senior level and will be awarded only to elite athletes.

2. The remaining prize money will be sent after checking the ratings, according to a table published and against prior delivery of the respective invoice or other format available, in accordance with the Portuguese tax regulations.

Senior Female and
Female athletes:

M35: M40, M45, M50,
M55 and M60:
F35: F40:
€1500 €250 €200 €250 €200
€1000 €150 €100 €150 €100
€750 €100 €50 €100 €50


3. All athletes will receive an official medal and other souvenirs.


What is the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon?

The EDP Meia Marathon of Lisbon is a competitive athletics competition, where at the same time the Vodafone 10K takes place, with playful characteristics.

What is the course?

The Start Line is at the Bridge toll at the bridge 25 de Abril and the finishing line at Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

What is the distance?

The Half Marathon has 21 km, and the Vodofone 10K has 10km.

Do I receive a medal and t-shirt if I participate on the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon and Vodafone 10K?

Yes, and in both races.

Where can I register

You can register on our official site www.lisbonhalfmarathon.com.

After signing up how do I proceed?

  • After signing up, and up to a week before the event, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your bib number. You may pick it up at the Sport Expo.

At what time the race starts?

The EDP Lisbon Half Marathon has the starting shot scheduled for 10:20AM. Vodafone 10K is scheduled for 10:55AM.

How can I go to the starting line?

Please see our page about transportation on the day of the race.

What is the time limit?

3 hours and 30 minutes, from the guntime.

Can I pick my BIB up the morning of the race?

No. There is absolutely no BIB distribution on race day. 

Can I pick up the BIB of a friend?

Yes, you can. You must have the original confirmation document and copy of the person’s photo ID.

What is served on the course?

  • Water
  • Powerade
  • Bananas
  • Icecream

Where can I check the time results?

Provisional results will be available on line after 07:00 p.m. on race day. Official results will be available two weeks after the event.

Do you have gear check service?

Sorry, there is no gear check.

Are there any showers available for the runners at the finish?

Sorry, there are no showers available.

The Vodafone 10K has time control?

Yes, both races are timed.

Will I get a certificate for my participation?

Yes, all runners will receive a race certificate with their time

I have entered the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon but I got injured and will not be able to run the 21km. Can I change my registration to the Vodafone 10K? How can I it? Will I get a refund?

Yes, you can change your EDP Lisbon Half Marathon into a mini marathon. You must inform that you want to change to Vodafone 10K when you pick up your race number at the international desk. Sorry there are no refunds for entry fees if you cannot participate.

How can I pick up my BIB and T-shirt if I lose my confirmation document?

You can recover your confirmation at the “Check your registration” field on the site or at the Solutions booth at the Sport Expo.

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