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An extraordinary running series for ordinary runners
Attention! The SuperHalfs series is frozen for 2021. Participation in any of the 2021 races is not eligible for the SuperHalf passport. 

The elite runners of the world travel from city to city, from race to race and challenge to challenge. They do it for the glory, for fame, and the record books.

Well, SuperHalfs is our way of sending you and other regular runners off on your own running adventure.

It’s a series of five glorious half marathons that will take you to Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff, and Valencia.

Not for the headlines. Not for a chance to take your place on the podium. But for the fun of running. For the thrill of travel. And for the joy of saying “I did it!”

All of the SuperHalfs events are World Athletics’ Gold Label races or are races of World Athletics (IAAF) World Championship courses. They are certified by AIMS or have been awarded a 5 Star Road Race standard by European Athletics.

What’s more, several races in the SuperHalfs group have played host to World Record performances.
Marzo 20, 2022
16.500 RUNNERS
11.600 RUNNERS
SEPTEMBER 18, 2022
25.000 RUNNERS
OCTOBER 02, 2022
27.500 RUNNERS
OCTOBER 23, 2022
17.500 RUNNERS