March 2020

The last training for the Half Marathon

Luso 7 KM Jamor – Lisboa

With a starting line at the core of Lisbon’s Nacional Stadium, the a Luso 7KM Jamor-Lisboa makes part of the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon event.

Luso 7K has a beautiful route between Jamor and Lisbon through riverside of Oeiras, and is a great training for the athletes that will run EDP Lisbon Half on the following day.

Time limit

1,30 hour

Event schedule


Event schedule


19th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Opening of Sport Expo: CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon – Sports and Leisure Fair where the athletes can collect their kitbag (bib number and the official t-shirt)


20th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Kitbag (bib number and official t-shirt) delivery at Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair.


21th of March 2020


Start of the Luso 7K Jamor-Lisboa


Start of the Mimosa Passeio da Família


Start of the EDP Mini Campeões races.

Race Course

The starting line is located at the Praça da Maratona at Estádio Nacional running to the Tejo river side straight to the finishing line, at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos near Belém.

Start line

Praça Maratona, Estádio Nacional

Finish line

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Belém


Luso Water

3,5 km

Time limit

1,30 hour

Participation Kitbags

The delivery of the participation kits (bib number and official t-shirts) will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on the 19th and 20th of March from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM at the CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém (Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon.

The athletes must present their registration document (sent by email) and a personal ID document to collect their kitbags.

The athletes can nominate someone to collect their BIB. The nominee needs to present the registration document and a copy of a personal ID document from the registered runner.

The “Participation Kitbag” will include:

One t-shirt

One BIB with time chip

One bag


Kitbags delivery

SportExpo: CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon.

Day 19th and 20th of March

Delivery 10:00h – 20:00h

How to get to the starting line

All participants can use our shuttle for free at the Navy Museum to go to the starting line.
The shuttle will be available from 08:00 am to 12:00.

Note: Other than the shuttle there is no free transportation in this race.

Museu da Marinha

Praça do Império

1400-206 Lisboa


1. In an organization of the Maratona Clube de Portugal integrated in the Lisbon Half Marathon, will be held on March 21st, the 6th edition of the “LUSO 7K”, starting at 09:30, with the collaboration of the municipalities of Lisbon and Oeiras as well as other official entities.

2. This is a competition that has a distance of 7,000 meters.

3. The event of will take place in Algés at the National Stadium, and the arrival will be in Lisbon next to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. The itinerary will be according to the map attached.

4. The organization will install an official supply at the 5 km mark.

5. Registrations must be made online on our official site.


5.1 There will be several periods of registration with different price values;

5.2 It will be stipulated the maximum limit of 2.000 registrations.

5.3 Entries are personal and non-transferable. We do not transfer or modify registrations.

5.4 The organization will not accept a refund of the registration fee.

5.5 The organization may at the moment suspend or extend the deadlines, add or limit the number of entries of the competition, without prior notice.


7. The “Participation Kit” will be delivered at the time of the same time has the bib number and includes:

– A T-shirt (5 sizes, stock distributed by availability). In case there is a stock break in any size, the athlete will be offered another size);

– A bib number with identification chip;

– an individual equipment bag;

– Other gifts and sponsor information


8. Registered athletes may collect their bib and their “Participation kit” at the Sport Expo, in the 2 days prior to the race. We will not distribute bib numbers on the day of the competition.

8.1. To obtain your bib number you will need to present the proof of payment of the registration fee, or the printed document of the online application.

8.2. Identification document of the respective athlete;

8.3. The bib number is not transferable e and when used by another individual will imply the disqualification of the latter;

9. The bib number, which contains an electronic chip, will be the identification of the athlete.

9.1. It is advised to fill in the personal data on the back of the bib number. The reason for this precaution is directly related to safety reasons in case of an accident or physical indisposition and when any emergency situation arises. This information may be of the utmost importance should a health problem arise during the course.


10. The disqualification of athletes will occur when:

10.1. Use the bib of another athlete;

10.2. Damaging the bib number:

10.3. Athletes that do not have your bib number placed in the chest area;

10.4. Bending the bib in order to reduce its size;

10.5. Poor placement of the ridge implies possible failure to obtain results;

10.5. Individuals without a bib number will not be allowed to remain on the course;

10.6. Skip time carpets in both the starting and finishing areas;

10.7. Not respecting the rules of the race;

10.8. Falsifying any element relating to your registration;

10.9. Displaying poor physical conditions or apparent weakness before departure;

10.10. Using more than one chip or double bib number;

10.11. Displaying unsportsmanlike behaviour.

11. At the end of the race, only the first 3 athletes Masc and Fem will win a trophy.

11.1. All athletes will receive an official medal and other souvenirs of this edition.

12. The timing system and its classification will be done using the “Chronotrack” system, electronic base that will only work if the athlete duly places his official number.

13. There will be buses from Carris, to transport participants from the goal to the game.

14. There will be no gear check for the participants in the competition.


Athletes are intituled to a personal accident insurance, as provided for in no. 1 of article 9 of Decree-Law no. 146/93, of April 26, with a capital for death or permanent disability of 28 000,00 EUR and treatment costs up to 4000,00 EUR., Although the organization has medical assistance throughout the race and in the area of ​​the finish line where a medical tent will be installed. Participants should gather the necessary health conditions to participant on the event, by registering the athlete is stating that he is physically fit to participate in the race.

16. The athlete, upon registration, authorizes the organization and its sponsors, the rights to use their image as captured in the filming or photos that will take place during the event.

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