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Vodafone 10k
Vodafone 10k
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2022 Edition
November 2021
Time limit
3 hours
Participant limit
Nov, 2021
Opening of Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair where the athletes can collect their kitbag (bib number and the official t-shirt).
Nov, 2021
Kitbag (bib number and official t-shirt) delivery at Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair.
Nov, 2021
Start of the Vodafone 10K
A 10k timed race
The 2021 edition of Vodafone 10K has a very important novelty! In response to the requests of the runners and following the world trends, the distance of the race changes from 7, 2km to 10kms timed, being now named as Vodafone 10k! The distance change transforms this mini marathon into a competitive race, allowing runners to record their time on an official distance, 10 km. However, the race does not lose its popular charism since it will remain open to runners who wish to participate in a leisure mode, crossing the bridge 25 April walking or marching feeling a spirit of happiness and conviviality with people from all social status, beliefs and origins. The Vodafone 10k, previously, Vodafone Mini Marathon is proud of its popularity and has been the preferred races to some of Portuguese political and social personalities such as presidents, prime ministers, city mayors and local and international celebrities.
Participation kit
The delivery of the participation kitbags (bib number and official t-shirts) will take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on the 18th and 19th of November from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM at a Sport Expo (address to be defined). The athletes must present their registration document (sent by email) and a personal ID document to collect their kitbags. The athletes can nominate someone to collect their BIB. The nominee needs to present the registration document and a copy of a personal ID document from the registered runner. The “Participation Kit” will include: 1 Technical t-shirt, 1 BIB with chip, 1 Bag, Other offers from sponsors.
Starting line
The access to the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon and Vodafone 10K starting line is limited to the Fertagus Pragal train station. To get to the starting line all participants must use the Fertagus train to arrive to the Pragal station. To get the Fertagus train stations, the athletes can use for free (by presenting their BIB) the Lisbon public transportation system (subway, buses and trains).