March 2020

The race for the little big champions

EDP Mini Campeões

Since there is no ideal age to start running, EDP Mini Campeões is a race dedicated for young athletes, between 6 and 16 years old.

Combining different races, organized by age rankings, all the participants will have the opportunity to experience a running competition in a healthy and fun environment.
The EDP Mini Campeões registrations are free, so there is no excuses to miss this opportunity.

Event Schedule


Event Schedule


19th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Opening of Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair were the participants will gather their participation kits and official t-shirt.


20th of March 2020

10:00 – 20:00

Bib number and participation KIT delivery at Sport Expo – Sports and Leisure Fair


21th of March 2020


Start of LUSO 7K Jamor-Lisboa


Start of MIMOSA Family Walk.


Start of EDP Mini Champions.

Race Course

The itinerary: Concentration by the fluvial station in Belém in front of the Electricity Museum, the Mini athletes will be guided towards the grass area at the Terreiro das Missas;

Start line

Estação Fluvial de Belém

finish line

Terreiro das Missas, Belém

Participation Kit

The delivery of the participation kits (bib number and official t-shirts) will take place on Thursday and Friday on the 19th and 20th of March from 10:00 AM to 20:00 PM at the CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém (Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisboa.

The athlete must present the document and proof of registration sent by e-mail. Your bib number can be retrieved by others as long as they present the document and a copy of the identification of the person registered.

The “Participation Kit” will include:

One t-shirt


One bag


Kitbags delivery

SportExpo: CCB – Centro Cultural de Belém, Praça do Império / Rua Bartolomeu Dias, 1449-003 Lisbon.

Day 19 and 20 March

Delivery 10:00h – 20:00h

How to get there

All registered athletes must gather at the fluvial station before the starting time at 16:00 PM.

Note: We do not provide free transportation to the race.

Estação Fluvial de Belém

Av. Brasília

1300-598 Lisboa


1. Integrated in the program of the “Half Marathon of Lisbon EDP”, a competition for young athletes with a distance of 1.500 meters is held on Saturday 21th of March at 16:00 PM;

2. The route has the following itinerary: the concentration is near the Belém Fluvial Station, in front of the Electricity Museum.

3. Entries can only be made online at the official site of the race;

4. In terms of classifications, we established 4 classes based on the following ages: 6/8 years, 9/11 years, 12/13 and 14/16 years. The “valid” ages are exactly those that the participants have on the day of the race;

5. The organization has structured a health care service under the guidance of a specialized team of professionals, although it is not responsible for any accident that may occur during this sporting event;

6. All participating athletes are covered by insurance as stipulated by law (see the Certificate of Insurance for more details);

7. All participants will receive a t-shirt, a medal and other souvenirs alluding to the test;

8. The cases omitted from this regulation will be resolved by the Technical Director of the race and in accordance with the Official Regulations in force and opinions of the I.A.A.F./A.I.M.S.

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